Crypto/NFT Gaming: What it’s going to take to make it stick.

If you’re new to Crypto/NFT Gaming read my prior post first

The NFT and Crypto gaming space is just start to emerge, we saw a huge success with Axie Infinity and it’s token AXS. So much of a success that if you got in early you’re probably a millionaire now! The coin and the game blew up but did it take off because it’s what the people wanted or did it take off because if you attach a NFT and Crypto Token to something right now its as good as gold? I personally think it was the latter. It’s pretty much the dot com boom all over again right now for Cryptocurrencies and NFT’s. In another couple of years we’re going to see a lot of money lost and a ton of NFT’s that are worth pennies. Crypto coins that go to zero or just all together disappear. That’s going to be a big hit to the Crypto community. I’m not saying that Crypto is doomed and it’s not going to work it’s just that we’re in a huge Crypto bubble where people are blindly speculating on tokens. In other words, there isn’t a lot of Value investing going on yet.

This brings us to Crypto Gaming and NFT’s. This new sector in Gaming/Crypto is going to be MASSIVE and it truly is the future but it’s still got a long ways to go before I would consider it a safe venture or even a stable one. Like I said earlier we saw a huge success with Axie but if I was a betting man I’d say this was mainly due to the Crypto hype that’s been hitting the world for the last year and a half. So what’s it going to take to make this stick? At the end of the day there’s only one thing that’s going to make Crypto Gaming and NFT’s stable and make them hang around for the future and that is great games. I don’t mean mediocre games like Axie or a Candy Crush I mean GREAT games. If the Gaming market wants to add Cryptocurrency into their games and make it a viable method of earning profits they are going to have to focus on ultimately the product that people are going to be using is which is the game itself. We’re going to need to see some triple A games being made and utilizing Crypto in game. For example, if World of Warcraft adds a Cryptocurrency for their in game currency it would most certainly stick and be incredibly lucrative or even ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). The half baked games that are coming out aren’t going to be the finished product that makes this a viable option for the future. I’m personally not going to jump on the bandwagon of purchasing the Tokens yet but once I see Epic Games, Infinity Ward, Activision or any of the other massive game makers start coming out with titles that use this feature I’ll be jumping in head first. That’s really what’s going to make these tokens worth money in the future. How many users they can attract, how long they stick around and how much they play because that just means they’re going to spend more money in game which in turn will increase the prices of the token.

Overall, in terms of speculating on NFT’s and Crypto gaming I think we’re going to see some big winners and some big losers in the next couple of years. Huge swings in either direction will most certainly be common and stability won’t be likely but once they really double down and focus on creating a great game all that will change. I’m bullish on the entire market as a whole but bearish on the current iterations of crypto games that are currently out and currently on the horizon.

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